Resolutions and returns

All Merolla shirts, both made to measure and in standard sizes, are made one by one specifically for each customer, following the instructions provided at the time of ordering. Merolla guarantees you the perfection of these shirts by taking full responsibility for solving any problems for free.

So you can be sure that you will always get the perfect result you paid for.

In which cases is it possible to request an intervention?

It is possible to request intervention in cases of:

  • Manufacturing defects – the internal checks are carried out manually each piece, so sometimes some imperfections can escape
  • Non-compliance with the order – since the shirt is made manually, errors may occasionally occur with respect to what is requested. In this case, the order is authentic, which is always accessible to the customer from his reserved area.
    In all these cases Merolla is fully responsible for the termination at its own expense, including those of shipping to Merolla and for the return of the garment.

How to request an intervention?

You can make an intervention request within 10 days of receiving the shirt. Send your request either by email to … .. or by message to the following number +393474175048 indicating the problem encountered. Based on the type of problem, customer care will show you how to proceed.

The intervention is possible only if the shirt has not been used or washed, unless otherwise indicated by the customer care.

If you are requested to return the garment, you can use the original packaging or any other one of adequate size; We will quickly send the express courier to collect the package at the address you have communicated to us.

How we intervene

Based on the type of problem we evaluate the best way to intervene: modifying the garment when possible or creating a new one. In all cases without any charge to the customer. There are no refunds.